The 48911 zipcode area is an economically challenged area characterized by relatively high unemployment, low educational levels and single-parent families. A majority of residents have completed High School or some college and most are earning their paychecks through jobs in healthcare, education and food services. Incomes are about one third below the national average, residing in low-rise apartments & in older homes.


69.94% of 48911 residents do not consider themselves Evangelicals. In 2013 we estimate there are 1277 households not reached with the gospel. 10.45% of 48911 is Hispanic.


Using activities, interests or opinions to build cultural bridges can help to get to know the people in our area. Some potential cultural bridges to establishing relationships for the Gospel are:


  • Ailments, sports, customs and beliefs
  • Magazines and books read in last year
  • Movies, music – styles, singers, stations, TV
  • Employment


A third of our population is younger than 20 years of age, 31% are between 20 and 35 and 21% are between 35 and 51.


41% of 48911 are single or unmarried and only 10% are married.