“Good Shepherd Church has a piece of my heart.  It literaly calls out to my heart.  I love the people and I definetly love our  pastor.  It feels like home when I go there.  It gives me peace.  It is seeing people you have known for a long time and to also watch them grow.  Somehow different but still the same.” Otila

“Youth did a GREAT job leading music yesterday!!!” Joshua

“Desde que llegué a los Estados Unidos, este es el único lugar donde me he sentido en casa junto con mis hermanos en Cristo.” Clara

“Going to church. Check. Listened to the sermon. Check. Watching my family go to the altar and leaving an entire pew empty. Check. Thank you brother Carlos for bringing the Word today. IT WAS ON POINT ONCE AGAIN!” Lisa

“I just wanted to say that the congregation at El Buen Pastor was totally rocking yesterday!” Josué